Stir fried vegetable with sea food

(2 people)



–         Sea food : 5 shrimps , 1 squid ( tôm, mực)

–         Vegetable : 1 carrot, half of cauliflower, half of broccoli (cà rốt, súp lơ xanh, súp lơ trắng)

–         Spices: 1 table spoon soya sauce  , little pepper, 1little spoon oyster oil, 1 table spoon sugar, half spoon chili sauce( tiêu, tương ớt, nước tương, dầu hào, đường)

–         1 onion, 2 piece of garlic ( chop and cut into pity, hành tím, tỏi)

Scallion and coriander ( hành lá, ngò)


–         Shrimp: take off  head, shell, vent and clean

–         Squid: take of head, skin and cut about 3cm and clean.

–         Carrot: take off cover and cut about 1 cm thick(cut five lines around carrot, it look like sunflower)

–          broccoli, cauliflower: take off  branch.

Cooking method:

–         Boiling vegetables about 3 minutes,  sea foods about 1 minutes( put 1 table spoon of salt in water to keep vegetables green), and then take out to remove water.

–         Pour oil on pan, waiting for it hot enough, add garlic, onion in and stir quickly until smell out.

–          Add seafood, keep stirring very quickly about half minutes( put little water in)

–         Add vegetables and stir quickly and then oyster oil, sugar, pepper,chili sauce and soya sauce.

Keep stirring about 3 more minutes.

–         Take it out and put a little scallion and coriander above the vegetable.