Spring rolls

 ( 2 people )


–         Shrimp 0.2kg ( Tôm)

–         Ham  0.1 kg (Thịt nguội)

–         Pork bologna 0.1 kg (chả lụa, chả giò)

–         Carrots 0.1 kg ( cà rốt)

–         Mayonnaise sauce (sốt mayonnaise)

–         Vegetable oil (dầu thực vật)


Cleaned shrimp, take the shell off, keep the tail,  cut carrot, ham, pork bologna into small slices about 3 cm long. Boiling carrot and shrimp about 3 minutes because when we deep fried spring rolls, carrot and shrimp doesn’t have enough time.

Cooking method

You need a small plate to roll.

–         Take 1 rice paper and put in a plate, add 2 piece of carrots, 1 piece of ham, 2 piece of pork bolognas. Add a little mayonnaise on the top . Make the shrimp straight and put it above mayonnaise. Cover all of them and rolling.

–         Pour a lot of vegetables oil into the pan and wait until it hot enough with small fire. Then put all the spring rolls in. Turn over again and again until you see the golden brown color. Take it out remove oil.

–         The sauce to eat with spring rolls is 1 small spoon of chili sauce, 1 spoon green soya sauce and 3 spoon of mayonnaise sauce.