Snakehead fish stewed in clay pot



– snakehead fish: 2 pieces

-minced garlic: 1 table spoons

– minced onion: 1 table spoons

– laksa leaves: 50gr

-sugar: 2 tea spoons

– oil: 2 tea spoons

– fish sauce: 2 tea spoons

-Caramel : 2 tea spoons

– chili sauce: 1 tea spoons

– black pepper: ½  tea spoons

– 2 chilies + a little of green onion


-clean fish, mix spices with above amount.

– mix them together regularly

-we need 5 minutes to marinate them.           

– a clay pot with a little of laksa leaves.


–         We cook in wok , add 2 tea spoons of oil into wok,

–         Wait for wok over heat ( check with bubbles)

–         When cooking oil is overheat , we will put mixture into wok , put sauce and fish into the wok at the same time.

–         After that, use chopstick to stir them slowly, about 2 minutes , and add a little water in order to avoid burning .cook them in 2 minutes more.

–         Add more 200ml water into wok, wait for fish boiling again, turn off fire.

–         Now, we take fish and sauce out the clay pot, put one chili,+ green onion on the surface

–         Covering clay pot by the lid.

–         Keep going stewed fish in clay pot about 20 minutes.

–         After that , turn off fire, put a little green onion more .

–         Use with steam rice.