Simmered pork ribs
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Simmered pork ribs


-  Pork ribs: 0,3 kg.

-  Spices: 2sp oyster sauce, 1 sp fish sauce, ½ sp pepper,  1sp paprika oil,1 sp curry powder, 1sp sugar

-  Garlic and onion : 0,2 kg (chopped it in minced)

-  Spring onion and coriander: a little


-         Pork ribs: clean them, cut in pieces about 3 cm, marinate them with 1sp garlic, 1sp onion and all of spices as above amount.( wait for 10 minutes)

-         Would you like to eat spicy food? Put a little chili.

Cooking method

-         Cooked pork ribs on pan, put 3sp oil on pan, wait for heat over.

-         Add pork ribs( had been marinated) , stir them fast until they are without water.

-         Add boiling water until water dipped on pork rib (coverd),(if you want pork ribs is more delicious, we can use coconut juice instead of water0

-         Simmered pork ribs ( slowly cook about 15 minutes) until we have stick sauce.

-         Take them out the plate, put a little spring onion and coriander on the top.

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