Green melon soup with shrimp



–         Green melon: 1 (Bầu)

–         Shrimp : 5 (tôm)


–         Sugar:  1 little  spoons( đường)

–         Chicken stock: 2 spoons

–         water:  350 ml( nước)

–         Pepper:  ½ spoons( tiêu)

–         Fish sauce: 1table  spoon (nước mắm)

–         Vegetable oil: 1 table spoon( dầu thực vật)

–         Scallion and coriander (hành lá,ngò rí)


–         Winter melon: clean, peeling out the cover, cut it into small pieces( 1cm thick)

–         Shrimp: take off head, shell and vent. Clean and then chop and cut into pity.

–         Mixing chicken-stock, pepper with shrimp

Cooking method

–         Pour vegetable oil into the pan and wait until it hot enough, add shrimp and stir it (you should put little water to make flavor to keep them out from burning) .

–         Then put 350ml water (enough for two people).when soup is boiling we put all spices in and then green melon. Waiting the soup boiling about 5 minutes. Take it out the bowl and put scallion and coriander on the surface.