Fried chicken with lemongrass


–         Chicken : 0.5 kg

–         Lemongrass :0.2kg

–         Chili pepper: 2

–         Sugar : 2 little spoons

–         Fish sauce : 1 little spoon

–         Oyster sauce :1 little spoon

–         Curry powder  : 1/2 little spoons

–         Vegetable oil : 2 table spoons

–         Paprika oil : 1little  spoon


–         Chicken : clean with water , cut chicken into small pieces about 3 cm

–         Lemon grass: chop and cut in to pity. Do the same with chili

 Cooking method

–         Stir and marinate the chicken, lemongrass, chili pepper, sugar, oyster oil, paprika oil, fish sauce, curry powder about 5 minutes.

–         Pour a little oil into the pan and wait until it hot enough, then pour the mixed of chicken in the pan. Fried about 5 minutes ( you should put little water to make flavor to make sure that the chicken isn’t burned)  . After stir fried 5 minutes we pour  water on (nearly cover chicken) and simmer it with small fire 15 minutes more until sticky. Take chicken out without oil.