Fresh sping rolls
Written by lean
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-         Fresh rice paper, shrimp, pork meat, rice noodle

-         Herbs: mints, perillas, lectuces, shallots.


-         Boiling shrimp in water about 2 minutes, take off shell and cut in half.

-         Boiling pork meat about ten minutes and cut in slide.

-         Clean clearly all vegetables

-         Cover 1 rice paper  by water, put another dry one on plate,the overlap the watered rice paper on the dry one, in the middle rice paper, put some vegetables and rice noodle, shrimp, pork meat, shallot with the tail out and roll them together.

-         Make sauce( soya sweet sauce): soya seed sauce 2 spoons, sugar 4 spoons, lemon( or lime) juice 1 spoons, garlic 1 spoon, peanut fried and chopped in minced 2 spoons, chili .

-         Mix together

-         Enjoy fresh rice paper with the sauce.


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